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Orange Digital Center is an initiative of the Orange Group that aims to build a place for creating new opportunities, through innovation and acquiring digital skills, in each country where Orange operates.

In the free educational platform of the Orange Foundation, you will find practical courses to acquire new digital skills, tailored to your needs and the requirements of the labor market.

Invest your time and passion in your education #ForTomorrow!

Enter the “opportunities workshop” and learn from specialists how to build a better version of yourself, to face the challenges of the digital era.


Knowledge Session


Before starting your IT career with the help of a Digital Stack course, it’s essential to see which option is right for you. So, let’s get to know each other!

We invite you to a knowledge session where, for an hour, we will discuss in detail the course structures, define the mentor-student dynamics, and go through important information with HR professionals to ensure your success in your future IT career. In addition, we will also talk about our upcoming events, focused on practical advice related to building a CV, interview expectations, and other career advancement information.

Knowledge sessions can take place both online and physically at Nod Makerspace. Choose your preferred option when filling out the registration form, and we will adapt accordingly.

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Introduction to WordPress



Orange Digital Center is a free educational platform aimed at developing the digital skills of young people, thus helping to create new opportunities for a better life. The courses will be held in physical format at Nod Makerspace, Splaiul Unirii 160, Bucharest.


Priority access to the courses will be given to people in vulnerable situations, including:

  • Young people who are currently unemployed;
  • Individuals with low incomes who wish to improve their professional skills;
  • Young mothers/vulnerable women who need support;
  • Students or former students who do not find themselves in their chosen field and want to improve their digital skills;
  • Other disadvantaged individuals.
Each course is designed to support you in starting and developing your career in IT. The Intro to Programming course is specially designed to help you acquire the basic knowledge needed to start a career in IT, and with our mentors, you will later be guided to the course that best suits you (Manual Testing, Web Front-End Development or Python Development). At the same time, you can also go for one of the other courses (Introduction to WordPress, First Steps in Digitalization Google Workspace) to start your career in IT.
Choose to invest time and passion in your education for the future!


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