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Tech skills learning and development programs for your employees. Beginner to advanced.

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All your learning and development needs are here

  • 1. Learn


    Deliver on your business goals by training your people in the latest technologies.

  • 2. Expand


    Diversify retention strategies by creating a new career development path in IT for your team.

  • 3. Empower


    Foster the power of technology with a digitally-fluent talent pool.


Technical training designed to meet your specific needs


Train your employees in new, advanced tech skills. Improve their performance and personal growth without changing their position or career path.


Technical trainings for people who are ready to change their career path and learn a completely new tech skill.


We help you develop your own private label academy to build critical tech skills from day one.

Case studies

Our career development programs are industry agnosting

Clients across several industries have chosen to accelerate their technical and digital transformation with us.


9 people trained for 40 hours in SQL.

The result: A more unified data analysis workflow. And a more proficient Data team that could cover any of the company’s projects.


15 people, with no technological background, trained for 60 hours in Java.

The result: All started a new career path within the company as Nationally Accredited Junior Java Programmers.


30 trainees, at different competence levels, completed 80 hours of training in OOP in C # and SQL Essentials.

The result: All trainees were able to immediately integrate into new or ongoing projects.


Our tech skills development programs are all about





Test and benchmark tech skills proficiency.

Develop a personalised technical competence development path.

Hands on technical workshops and post-program mentoring.

Professionals covering all high-tech development needs.


We provide an end-to end tech skills development path

Map critical tech skills needed.

Benchmark current digital abilities.

Pair people with the right competences to learn for them.

Build a tailored learning & development path.

Practical and personalized IT workshops.

Evaluation & reiteration.

Main Courses

Technical training and workshops. From beginner to advanced.

With our network of 100+ trainers at your disposal, Digital Stack helps you develop any technical competency within your organization.

Azure Storage
Automation Testing

Partners & Clients


See what our clients say about us

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Experienced, passionate, and skilled trainers, whom we recommend with all confidence! They helped us to lay the knowledge bases in SQL and OOP for 30 interns. And they helped us create teamwork models based on a solid and well-developed value system. They were, from the beginning, attentive to our needs, delivering beyond expectations. Thank you, Digital Stack, for everything you have helped us achieve!

Alexandra R.
IT Recruiter
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They were, from the beginning, attentive to our needs, delivering beyond expectations. Thank you, Digital Stack, for everything you have helped us achieve!

Maria L.
HR Manager

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