Beyond Java 8–New Patterns And Language Features

Beyond Java 8–New Patterns And Language Features

8 h

This training takes your Functional Programming skills to the next level, introducing you to a series of advanced design patterns and best practices. In the end, we will also overview the main features added since Java 9 – 17.

List of topics

  • Syntactic sugar explained: the four types of method references, target typing
  • Using Optional in API design
  • Effectively final and Functional Programming thinking
  • Streaming from File and Database – Best Practices
  • Exceptions in Streams: wrapping checked exceptions and the Try monad
  • Clean Code guidelines with Java 8
  • Advanced Functional Design Patterns: the Loan Pattern, BiFunctions on enums, Currying [opt]
  • Parallel streams, and why (not) to use them – experiment + performance discussion
  • Main Language Features added after Java version 8:
  • Minor syntax improvements: var, text blocks, instanceof, private interface methods
  • Enhanced APIs: CompletableFuture, Files, Optional, String, Stream
  • Enhanced switch
  • Records and sealed classes
  • JVM cool features: GraalVM, Super-fast GCs, helpful NPEs


  • Developing the skills and the knowledge to conduct a seamless migration to the most modern, secure, and performant versions of the Java platform
  • Provides the tactics and tools for adapting new and existing applications to a newer versions of Java
  • Strong knowledge of the main features added since Java 9-17

This course is for

Developers, Tech Leads

Program sesiuni

  • 30 & 31 March 2022
  • 14.00 - 18.00, 8 hours in total







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