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How We Build The Right Technical Skills

A network of 100+ industry specialists is ready to empower your people with new technical skills.
When your people grow professionally, your business reaches new heights.

We take a personalized approach with every client.

Each technical training is designed by our trainers together with the client. Based on agreed key objectives, the trainer creates a tailored learning and development path for your team. Emphasis is placed on practical experiences and learning to solve problems that are specific to the day-to-day operations of the client. This is how we ensure a smooth transition from classroom to new business workflows. 

Upskilling Program For A Distribution Company In The Automotive Industry

9 people with a Data background

40 hours of training

SQL Advanced

A More Proficient Data Analysis Team

Set milestones of learning (theory and skills)

Personalized curriculum development

Intermediate testing

Project development & presentation by each participant

Final written assessment

We Achieved

100% graduation rate

A unified and more proficient Data Analysis team

Profile of each participant’s skills

Reskilling Program For A Shared Services Software Company

15 people with no technology background

60 hours of training

Java workshops

We Created A Personalized Learning And Development Path

Internal application of 30+ people

15 selected by our HR & Trainers

Curriculum development to fit their skills level

Enrollment in our online learning platform

60 hours of theory & practice

Intermediate & Final testing

We Achieved

100% graduation rate

Nationally accredited Junior Java Developers

Recommendations on how to distribute each participant across company projects

Full integration of trainees into their new career in tech

Private Label Academy For A Software Company

30 people with varying levels of experience

80 hours of training

OOP in C # and SQL Essentials modules

Personalized Academy Program

Benchmarked current tech skills

Set training objectives

Curriculum development for each module

Enrollment in our online learning platform

4 daily hours of training with participants

Intermediate & Final testing

We Achieved

100% graduation rate

Profile for each participant & their strenghts

Direct integration in new/ ongoing projects

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