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Summer Schools
Google Digital Workshop

Develop your programming skills
at a Summer School organized with a little help from Google!

Explore the topics that will be covered in each program and enroll in the one that best suits your interests!

To enroll, you will need to complete the registration form for the Summer School that interests you. In the registration form, you will be required to attach your CV and answer a few questions regarding your motivation and experience. Registrations are open until June 25th, and if you are selected, our team will contact you through the email address provided in the registration form.

1st July Summer School"

Zero-to-Hero: Deep Learning for Computer Vision

It is not surprising that artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming ubiquitous.

The popularity of Artificial Intelligence has grown significantly in recent times due to its accessibility to everyone through general models like DALL-E for image generation or ChatGPT for understanding dialogues. At the same time, we have noticed that students are increasingly eager to try out projects in this field, but they lack the necessary preparation to understand the mechanisms underlying these models. In the summer school, we will provide a structured introduction to Deep Learning for Computer Vision, offering a high-level overview of the field, the tools used, and potential applications in both academic and industry settings. If you are a first, second, or third-year student in a Computer Science specialization, we invite you to explore this subject.

Additional details:

• Location: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, UPB, Google Lab (room EG302)
• Date: July 11th - July 15th
• Mentors: Emilian Rădoi, Adrian Cosma, Andy Catruna
• Required prerequisites: Linear algebra, Object-oriented programming, Algorithms

2nd July Summer School"

Android Development with Kotlin

Are you interested in pursuing a career focused on mobile application development? Join our trainers who will help you improve your Android developer skills during the summer school.

Throughout the program, you will explore various aspects of Android mobile app development, including building Android applications using the Kotlin programming language and acquiring knowledge about basic UI elements, recommended architectures, and various libraries. The activities during the summer school will facilitate both the understanding of essential theoretical concepts in the field and the acquisition of practical skills. Together, we will develop multiple applications that will help you build confidence in your Android developer talent.

Additional details:

• Location: Google Digital Workshop Hub, University of Bucharest
• Date: July 17th - July 21st
• Mentors: Cosmin Stefan, Codrut Ciulacu
• Requirements: Java, Kotlin, Android Basics, Basic Programming Skills, Algorithms and Data Structures

3rd July Summer School"

ARM Development

Are you looking for opportunities to enhance your knowledge in embedded programming? This summer school is perfect for you!

Based on our experience, embedded development (particularly using Cortex-A processors) is not adequately covered in undergraduate programs. Therefore, in this summer school, we aim to cover the booting process (using OSS bootloaders like u-boot), implementation of secure world applications with OP-TEE, disk image generation using Buildroot, and provide a brief introduction to the device model in the Linux kernel.

Additional details:

• Location: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, UPB, Google Lab (room EG302)
• Date: July 18th - July 22nd
• Mentors: Radu Mantu and Florin Stancu
• Required prerequisites: Programming/scripting languages & tools (C, bash, (K) make), Operating systems knowledge (anatomy of a memory process, syscalls API, Linux device model)

4th July Summer School

Android Interfaces with Jetpack Compose

Do you want to accelerate the process of acquiring UI skills and knowledge when it comes to Android interface development?

Let’s explore together the opportunities that come with using Jetpack Compose, the UI toolkit that simplifies and accelerates native Android interface development. In the summer school, you will have the chance to gain intermediate-level skills and knowledge in building layouts, themes, and architectures, as well as testing or improving the performance of Jetpack Compose-written applications. The program combines activities and codelab-style workshops to demonstrate the presented principles, supporting the process of knowledge acquisition in an easy and fast manner.

Additional details:

• Location: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, UPB, Google Lab (room EG302)
• Date: July 24th - July 27th
• Mentor: Gabriel Ștefan
• Required prerequisites: Java, Kotlin, Android Basics, Basic Programming Skills, Algorithms and Data Structures

August Summer School

Unlocking the Possibilities of IoT

From smart home systems, connected vehicles, wearable devices, to smart cities, smart agriculture, or connected healthcare, IoT technologies are becoming increasingly sought after due to their high level of connectivity and mobility at an affordable cost.

We are surrounded by smart devices that use this technology to transform the way we interact with everything around us. Thanks to the benefits that come with the development of IoT technologies (increased connectivity, resource optimization through process automation, improved quality of life through health monitoring, etc.), their potential is being explored and developed at an accelerated pace. But how are data collected? How are they processed? What are the limitations and challenges? These are some of the questions we aim to answer during this summer school.

Additional details:

• Location: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, UPB, Google Lab (room EG302)
• Date: August 2nd - August 6th
• Mentor: Cosmin Chenaru
• Guest speakers: Dan Tudose, Vlad Corneci, Robert Alexă
• Required prerequisites: C/C++ programming knowledge (intermediate level), Communication protocols knowledge (intermediate level)


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