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devfest2022 GDG Bucharest

We’re excited to announce DevFest Bucharest 2022! This is a community-run, one-day, in-person conference aimed to bring developers, students, tech-companies and awesome speakers together in one location, so they can learn about established or emerging technologies on topics such as Cloud, Kubernetes, Android, Flutter, Firebase, Mobile, Google Assistant, Machine Learning, Kotlin, Big Data and more.

The presentation will be held on 3 different tracks

The event will take place on 19th of November 2022, at Novotel Hotel in down-town Bucharest, in-person and is part of the DevFest series of events.


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Your ticket include:

If you represent a company and you want to purchase more than 1 ticket,

please contact us at or 0744.594.422.



Academic Program Coordinator for Romania

Dan Tudose is a researcher at Google Romania. He has a strong academic background, lecturing embedded systems courses at University Politehnica Bucharest. At Google, he is also managing the Academic Program for Romania. He is a driven entrepreneur, having founded several start-ups, the last of which was acquired by Fitbit, which is now part of Google. He is passionate about building scalable and energy-efficient IoT solutions and wearables.

Mihăiță Țintă

ING Hubs Romania
Software Developer

Mihăiță Țintă is an Architect at ING Hubs Romania; he is currently focused on designing cloud native applications. Before this, he was a team lead who delivered numerous mobile and web applications along the way. He is passionate about security, reliability, scalability and enjoys writing on his personal blog on Medium. He is an avid learner, constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry.

Adrian Coman

Android Developer

Android developer and mobile lead. Passionate about technology, continuous integration, and delivery processes around software development. I apply what I learn in technology to real life and what I learn in real life to technology.

Aleksandr Denisov

EPAM Chief Software Engineer

Aleksandr is an experienced specialist in enterprise development and in IT for 15+ years. Recently, he specialized mainly in Java and microservice architecture, but now his main interest is Flutter. Aleksandr is a Flutter enthusiast and Head of Flutter Discipline in EPAM, of podcasts Mobile People Talks and Flutter Dev Podcast. He is also GDE (Google Developer Expert) in Flutter and Dart.

Gabriel Ștefan

Android Developer

Passionate Android Developer that started his adventure around three years ago. My interest in best practices, clean and readable code and the strive for doing things right have helped me stay afloat and thrive in this tumultuous ecosystem that is Android. My latest interests revolve around Jetpack Compose, Kotlin coroutines and app performance. I’m a firm believer that an app crashing isn’t a problem (change my mind).

Mihai Bizovi

Adore MeTech
Head of Data Science

I’m a generalist – navigating uncertainty and complexity to improve decision-making at scale with data and domain-driven software. My work at Adore Me involves a weird mix of AI product management, decision science and systems’ design.

Cătălin Melțer

Adore Me Tech
Data Scientist

Aiming to discover new things and learn from different people. Planning to create new solutions that helps people's life to be easier and safer.

Jumanazar Gurbanov

Adore Me Tech
Data Scientist

My main interest areas are Business Intelligence and Data Science, including information and knowledge extraction from the structured or unstructured data and applying it to bring business value, developing elegant and intelligent visualizations which tell unseen stories from the data and developing complex data analysis models which are assisting for better business decisions.

Victor Grădinescu

Engineering Manager

Alex Balas

Epix Mobile

I'm the Founder/CEO of Epix Mobile. Our mission is to build epic mobile apps, taking care of the technical side while our clients focus on building the business. I'm a tech enthusiast with entrepreneurial spirit. My ambition is to learn from both until I'm able to implement a meaningful change in people's life. Hobbies include playing basketball and discovering people's approach to meaning of life.

Codruț Erdei

Wio Bank
Senior Software Engineer

Fast learner interested in working on exciting projects and/or startups. Skilled in Kotlin, Python, Node.js, Android and Linux enthusiast. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science from Technical University of Cluj Napoca.

George Lică

Senior Software Engineer

George has 17 years of experience in the field. Backend engineer in his soul, he is passionate about large scale distributed systems and programming in general. Has a strong background delivering globally distributed solutions using Microsoft technologies (C# and the Azure cloud) but lately, after joining Crowdstrike, he changed entirely the technology stack (Golang, Kafka, Cassandra, ES). George likes to play chess, enjoys climbing and running.

Rafaela Voiculescu

Engineer Manager

Quique Fdez Guerra

Plain Concepts
Director of Engineering

Director of Engineering at Plain Concepts Romania, Frontend open source contributor, Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies, and also, a small NGO owner in the form of

Alex Bordei

Flutter Developer

I have over 9 years of experience in software development, starting with a background in C# and JAVA and stepping into. Since 2017, becoming a Full-Stack WordPress Expert @ Codeable, focusing on WordPress custom development Currently, WordPress EXPERT @ Codeable and Flutter Developer focused on custom development both for web and mobile platforms. I LOVE COMMUNITIES, this is why you can find me helping out organizing and co-organizing communities like Bucharest WordPress Meetup, Flutter Romania Meetup, Bucharest Mobile Development Group, Bucharest IoT Hangouts. Hobby side, we can talk for hours about Radio and Music in general. We can also set up some online jamming sessions.

Calin Avasilcai

Senior Software Engineer

Calin Avasilcai is a Software Engineer passionate about designing distributed systems. Former Java Developer and Technical Team Lead with 14 years’ experience in backend and full-stack web development, he joined Crowdstrike in 2021 in order to have the opportunity to design large scale systems using Go. In his free time he enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and reading.

Șerban Liviu

Software Engineer

Liviu Serban is a Software Engineer @ Google Romania. His education background is computer science, with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bucharest. He started his career as a malware researcher @ Avira, and then moved to work mainly as a Java developer with Cloud Technologies and using machine learning. In 2018, he joined Fitbit, as a software developer where he has worked on several areas from developing microservices to developer productivity. Since then Fitbit was acquired by Google. Liviu is passionate about computer science and machine learning and allocates large amount of personal time to study and research



9:00 AM

10:00 AM
Fireside Chat- Software engineering în a rapidly changing world

Dan Tudose, Victor Gradinescu & Rafaela Voiculescu

Welcome to GDG DevFest Bucharest 2022! We’ll start the day with an inspiring session, going through the latest trends and news in the technology world with the help of a multitude of excited speakers, interesting demos & discussion panels.

10:45 AM
Coffee break

Cloud, DevOps & ML

11:15 AM
Mihai Bizovi – Growing a data science team and ecosystem

Most AI projects fail. Tune in to get to the reasons why and how to bring the most value to the organization with a small and agile team. There is no silver bullet, but we can increase our chances by thinking about the problem holistically: from the product, org/people and tech perspective.

12:00 AM
George Lica – Implementing SLOs for data pipeline services

Learning points: What does SLI and SLO mean and what are they helpful for What issues did we face in Crowdstrike while defining them How did we implement them Best practices

12:45 PM 
Lunch break

1:30 PM
Catalin Melter & Jumanazar Gurbanov – End-to-End ML Pipelines
Serverless data pipelines infrastructure in GCP with Cloud Run, DBT & Prefect for Data Science. Using Vertex AI pipelines to deploy custom ML models and serving predictions via API endpoints.

2:15 PM
Serban Liviu – How to build a recommendation system

Ever wondered how a recommendation system works? How can systems like that “know” the things that you’re interested in and recommend them to you whether we are talking about new items to buy, new videos to watch or new pages to follow. We’ll explore the internals of a recommender system We will be discussing about some theoretical aspects of a recommender system including collaborative filtering using matrix factorization. We will also address how to productionize it and how to preprocess large amounts of data using Google data pipelines such asa dataflow

3:00 PM
Coffee break

3:15 PM
Calin Avasilcai – Designing a real-time collaboration backend

Learning points: Ever wondered how services like Google Docs or Miro work? Let me walk you through how we designed a system that supports multi-user real-time simultaneous editing. I will also cover how we planned for scaling the service and how we minimized latency.

4:00 PM


Android / Kotlin

11:15 AM
Gabriel Stefan – Under the hood of Jetpack Compose

Cars tend to work until they don’t. Even if you’re not the biggest car enthusiast, your first instinct when that happens is to pop a look under the hood. If you’re not a mechanic, most of it will look like a garbled mess, a lot of hoses and pumps and metal bits and bobs that don’t tell you anything. But when a car mechanic takes a look, he instantly primes a mental model of how the car works and knows exactly where to look and how each tiny adjustment will affect the car. Compose is quite similar in that regard. It works well and smooth until it doesn’t. Let us pop a look under Compose’s metaphorical “hood” and using the tools that we have at our disposal, let’s see what we can learn about its inner workings and how we can pin point performance bottlenecks and fix them. We’ll get our hands dirty with systrace, take a glance at recompositions with the new Layout Inspector and understand what Compose Metrics is trying to tell us.

12:00 AM
Adrian Coman – Feature Flags – Increase the Frequency, Stability, and Confidence in Your Releases

Feature flags are more than just blocking access to a particular feature. They increased our team’s confidence in the release process so that a junior joining the team could push to prod on their first day and release a feature in their first month.

12:45 PM
Lunch break

1:30 PM
Alex Balas – Real-world Firebase usage

We’ve built and launched a complex system using Firebase. Was it worth it? This will be a high level analysis of our journey that started 2 years ago. Ups and downs of each Firebase product will be discussed, along with some mistakes we did and the necessary changes while the product grew.

2:15 PM
Quique Fdez Guerra – WHY and how to become a Google Developer Expert

To be a good professional in any field, we usually need to write, learn and teach others. Just doing our regular job is not enough. In this talk. One key thing is that the most important factor will not be the end result, but the journey to achieve that goal.

3:00 PM
Coffee break & Closing



Flutter / Cross-platform

11:15 AM
Aleksandr Denisov – Building Flutter app for everyone

In this talk, you’ll learn which accessibility features Flutter support, and how to implement the accessibility of your Flutter applications to make them usable for everyone. Accessibility is the design of applications so as to be usable by people with disabilities. If you want to make an app as useful for many people as possible including people with visual, mobility, learning, or hearing disabilities, you need to implement accessibility elements. In this talk, you’ll learn which accessibility features Flutter support, and how to implement the accessibility of your Flutter applications to make them usable for everyone.

12:00 AM
Mihaita Tinta – Spring Boot and Flutter integration without passwords
Let’s write together our new Flutter application. We are connecting it to a Spring Boot Rest API and instead of requesting users to remember yet another password, they will use just their phone PIN or fingerprint to sign up and login.

In this live coding session we are connecting two worlds: Frontend, representing a brand new Flutter application, and Backend, representing a Spring Boot Rest API. We are going to explore some challenges which a developer might encounter when building an end to end solution running on a local machine. Our users will have to signup for a new account and use their mobile devices for authentication. However, instead of passwords we are going to use strong credentials through WebAuthn. Towards the end, I am going to explain how the user can authenticate on the web interface using their existing mobile credentials. This way, the mobile device can act as an authenticator for both mobile and web environments.

12:45 PM
Lunch break

1:30 PM
Codrut Erdei – Flutter and Firebase real time data without compromises

Firebase Firestore has a lot of exciting features but clutter Flutter a lot if used as the tutorials show. I want to share a way of architecting your app so you can use all of Firestore’s features without polluting your code 👨‍💻

2:15 PM
Alex Bordei – From Web Development to Mobile development with Flutter – a beginner’s journey
2 years ago I was discovering Flutter in a video in which Kalle Halden presented this framework as a great MVP solution for his start-up projects. Now I am very excited to present my personal roadmap that I used for converting my Web Developer experience to Mobile/Web development with Flutter. Flutter is a great framework. In the beginning, I thought that what Google promised for this Framework perspective was too good to be true. It turned out to be a really stable and powerful framework and also the delight of developing apps with Flutter is that new flavour that I was looking for after 7 years of web development. Join me for a session in which I will share how I was starting my journey, the best learning and development resources I found down the road, the biggest challenges that a web developer can get trough and also my plan to make this career path a personal success.

3:00 PM
Coffee break

3:15 PM
Aleksandr Denisov – Workshop: Flutter app Journey from Mobile to Web and Desktop
Web/desktop apps are different from Mobile because keyboard and mouse control is different from tapping on the screen. Let’s remake a mobile app into a web/desktop one, and figure out how to properly manage focus and what a hover effect is.

4:00 PM




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