The Future Of The Workforce Begins Today. How Do We Prepare?

The Future Of The Workforce Begins Today. How Do We Prepare?

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Octombrie 14, 2022
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The workforce is changing before our eyes as new technologies transform the economy and require di!erent skills: digital skills, but also sophisticated cognitive skills or those related to emotional and social intelligence.

Event Agenda

At a time when most employees are working remotely and digitization and skills development are accelerating, adapting to the new demands of the labor market must be faster than ever.

How have employees adapted to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic?

How do organizations and human resource leaders respond to the implications of these changes when they have a double challenge: to achieve immediate results, but also to contribute to employee development?

Find out more details on this topic on November 18, 2020, at the webcast “The future of the workforce begins today. How do we prepare? ” organized by PwC Romania, Dora – Happy Recruiter and The Informal School of IT, through its business division – Digital Stack.

Speakers (list being updated):
Oana Munteanu, Senior Manager, People & Organization, PwC Romania

Călin Ștefănescu, Co-Founder and CEO, Happy Recruiter
Carmen Ciulacu, General Manager, Digital Stack

Bogdan Popescu, journalist, producer of radio shows (moderator)

The event will be broadcasted live on


Șerban Liviu
Software Engineer

Liviu Serban is a Software Engineer @ Google Romania. His education background is computer science, with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bucharest. He started his career as a malware researcher @ Avira, and then moved to work mainly as a Java developer with Cloud Technologies and using machine learning. In 2018, he joined Fitbit, as a software developer where he has worked on several areas from developing microservices to developer productivity. Since then Fitbit was acquired by Google. Liviu is passionate about computer science and machine learning and allocates large amount of personal time to study and research

Calin Avasilcai
Senior Software Engineer

Calin Avasilcai is a Software Engineer passionate about designing distributed systems. Former Java Developer and Technical Team Lead with 14 years’ experience in backend and full-stack web development, he joined Crowdstrike in 2021 in order to have the opportunity to design large scale systems using Go. In his free time he enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and reading.

Quique Fdez Guerra
Director of Engineering
Plain Concepts

Director of Engineering at Plain Concepts Romania, Frontend open source contributor, Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies, and also, a small NGO owner in the form of

Rafaela Voiculescu
Engineer Manager

George Lică
Senior Software Engineer

George has 17 years of experience in the field. Backend engineer in his soul, he is passionate about large scale distributed systems and programming in general. Has a strong background delivering globally distributed solutions using Microsoft technologies (C# and the Azure cloud) but lately, after joining Crowdstrike, he changed entirely the technology stack (Golang, Kafka, Cassandra, ES). George likes to play chess, enjoys climbing and running.

Codruț Erdei
Senior Software Engineer
Wio Bank

Fast learner interested in working on exciting projects and/or startups. Skilled in Kotlin, Python, Node.js, Android and Linux enthusiast. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science from Technical University of Cluj Napoca.

Alex Balas
Epix Mobile

I'm the Founder/CEO of Epix Mobile. Our mission is to build epic mobile apps, taking care of the technical side while our clients focus on building the business. I'm a tech enthusiast with entrepreneurial spirit. My ambition is to learn from both until I'm able to implement a meaningful change in people's life. Hobbies include playing basketball and discovering people's approach to meaning of life.

Jumanazar Gurbanov
Data Scientist
Adore Me Tech

My main interest areas are Business Intelligence and Data Science, including information and knowledge extraction from the structured or unstructured data and applying it to bring business value, developing elegant and intelligent visualizations which tell unseen stories from the data and developing complex data analysis models which are assisting for better business decisions.

Cătălin Melțer
Data Scientist
Adore Me Tech

Aiming to discover new things and learn from different people. Planning to create new solutions that helps people's life to be easier and safer.

Mihai Bizovi
Head of Data Science
Adore MeTech

I’m a generalist – navigating uncertainty and complexity to improve decision-making at scale with data and domain-driven software. My work at Adore Me involves a weird mix of AI product management, decision science and systems’ design.

Aleksandr Denisov
EPAM Chief Software Engineer

Aleksandr is an experienced specialist in enterprise development and in IT for 15+ years. Recently, he specialized mainly in Java and microservice architecture, but now his main interest is Flutter. Aleksandr is a Flutter enthusiast and Head of Flutter Discipline in EPAM, of podcasts Mobile People Talks and Flutter Dev Podcast. He is also GDE (Google Developer Expert) in Flutter and Dart.

Mihăiță Țintă
Software Developer
ING Hubs Romania

Mihăiță Țintă is an Architect at ING Hubs Romania; he is currently focused on designing cloud native applications. Before this, he was a team lead who delivered numerous mobile and web applications along the way. He is passionate about security, reliability, scalability and enjoys writing on his personal blog on Medium. He is an avid learner, constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry.

Dan Tudose
Academic Program Coordinator for Romania

Dan Tudose is a researcher at Google Romania. He has a strong academic background, lecturing embedded systems courses at University Politehnica Bucharest. At Google, he is also managing the Academic Program for Romania. He is a driven entrepreneur, having founded several start-ups, the last of which was acquired by Fitbit, which is now part of Google. He is passionate about building scalable and energy-efficient IoT solutions and wearables.

Rustam Mehmandarov
Google Developer Expert
Java, Data pipelines, Apache beam, Cloud

Passionate computer scientist. Java Champion and Google Developer Expert for Cloud. Public speaker. Community builder.

Gabriel Ștefan
Android Developer

Passionate Android Developer that started his adventure around 4 years ago. His interest in best practices, clean and readable code and the strive for doing things right have helped him stay afloat and thrive in this tumultuous ecosystem that is Android. His latest interests revolve around Jetpack Compose, Kotlin coroutines and app performance. He's a firm believer that an app crashing isn’t a problem (change his mind).

Mihai Ciocan
Software Engineer

Monica Muntean
Value Innovation Architect

Monica is a seasoned Senior Android Engineer with over five years of experience in perfecting Android apps using Java and Kotlin. She balances her technical expertise with a strong commitment to promoting diversity in the Tech Industry and advancing innovation and collaboration among Engineers.

Adrian Cruceanu
Android Chapter Lead And Technology Manager

In 14 years of experience in mobile development I had the opportunity to design, develop and deliver applications in areas like gaming, services, fashion, education, security, and banking. Each decision I took and each line of code I wrote in any of these apps it was like I planted a new flower in my own garden. Currently I’m expanding my knowledge in team management, organizational growth, and performance improvement.

Alecs Soare
Software Developer

He’s been in software development for over 20 years, bringing extensive programming experience. His guiding principle is that achieving functionality is just one aspect of the process; equally vital is crafting solutions that are elegant, straightforward, and adaptable for the future. In essence, he believes that the complete development experience encompasses not only making things work but also ensuring they remain simple, clean and scalable.

Alex Bordei
Full-Stack Developer
Flutter, Android, IoT, DiY

Alex Bordei is a full-stack developer with a decade of experience in creating custom solutions for web, API, and mobile development. His expertise and dedication have earned him recognition as a respected authority within the technology industry. He is currently the organizer of the Flutter Bucharest Meetup and was previously involved in organizing the Flutter Romania Meetup. Alex’s enthusiasm for technology extends to the Internet of Things (IoT), where he explores new opportunities for innovation and connectivity.

Dan Mocanu
Value Innovation Architect
Flutter, Innovation, Bussiness

With fifteen years of expertise in blue ocean strategy, a remarkable career as a lecturer, and extensive experience in both technology and academia, he offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective on the Flutter debate. His time in the United States' tech hotbed, combined with his experience in shaping minds in academia and fostering growth among thousands of entrepreneurs and executives, has endowed him with a deep understanding of market creation and innovation.

Victor Gradinescu
Engineering Manager

Victor has been an Engineering Manager at Google since 2019, leading a team of mobile and cloud engineers working on the Fitbit mobile apps. Previously, he led a development studio doing mobile and cloud development for startups or enterprise clients around the world. His technical skills include Android, Cloud Development, Java, Spring and others.

Jasper Duizendstra
Google Developer Expert
GCP, QA, Big Data, C

Jasper is a seasoned cloud architect, international speaker, and enthusiastic traveller. With over a decade of deep-rooted experience in the Google platform, he have guided clients through the complex terrain of technology transitions, making him a trusted navigator in the cloud computing space.

Mangirdas Kazlauskas
Google Developer Expert
Flutter, Firebase, M

An experienced product-centric software engineer with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. As a Google Developer Expert for Flutter & Dart technologies, I excel at building cross-platform apps with Flutter, and I love teaching others what I know. In my free time, I enjoy creating educational content, or just being outside and playing disc golf.

Elaine Dias Batista
Google Developer Expert
Android, Kotlin, Flu

Elaine is a Senior Staff Engineer at SFEIR where she works on projects including mobile technologies since 2013. She has worked on several projects in native Android/iOS and Flutter. She’s a GDE for the Google Assistant, Flutter and Dart

Lucian Griua
Certified AI Developer
Java, Software Dev

Native developer with 11 years of hands-on experience in Telecom (5y), Fintech (2y) & Aerospace (4y), designing frameworks and complex solutions for real-time systems. Experienced in leading teams, in both enterprise and startup ecosystems.

Imran Us Salam Mian
Google Developer Expert
Machine Learning, Computer Vision

A Machine Learning Engineer in the field of Computer Vision. His main area of focus is in Generative Modeling and Latent Variable Methods. He has also been an AI Scholar at Pi School, Rome, also participate in conducting workshops and technical talks around the field of Machine Learning to teach others and in return learn from them. Also a GDE in Machine Learning.

Marton Kodok
Google Developer Expert
GCP, Big Data, Big Query, Remote functions

Márton is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) On Cloud, a Champion in the Cloud Innovators program, top user on Stackoverflow with 205K reputation, software developer, international speaker & passionate about mountain hiking.

Bogdan Hobeanu
Flutter enthusiast
Flutter, Web

When mentioning Flutter and Dart, most people think about mobile apps. However, Flutter and Dart can also help with building apps for multiple platforms such as desktop and web apps.

Alexandru Gatu
CE Regional Security Manager @ Endava
Mobile, QA, Security, Flutter

Having hands on experience on mobile, Web and API pentesting on various industries from insurance, payments and banks, his interest is to share the practical knowledge by speaking at various international conferences and other tech events.

Adrian Coman
Software Engineer
Android, Kotlin, Mobile, DevOps, Gradle

Ex-Android developer with ten years of software development experience. I’ve been working on Pago for the last 6 years, from being the only Android developer to having a fantastic team of 5 Android & 5 iOS developers. Currently, I am scaling up the team as an engineering manager, improving our code, processes, and culture.