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The future of the workforce begins today. How do we prepare?

The workforce is changing before our eyes as new technologies transform the economy and require di!erent skills: digital skills, but also sophisticated cognitive skills or those related to emotional and social intelligence.

At a time when most employees are working remotely and digitization and skills development are accelerating, adapting to the new demands of the labor market must be faster than ever.

How have employees adapted to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic?

How do organizations and human resource leaders respond to the implications of these changes when they have a double challenge: to achieve immediate results, but also to contribute to employee development?

Find out more details on this topic on November 18, 2020, at the webcast “The future of the workforce begins today. How do we prepare? ” organized by PwC Romania, Dora – Happy Recruiter and The Informal School of IT, through its business division – Digital Stack.

Speakers (list being updated):
Oana Munteanu, Senior Manager, People & Organization, PwC Romania

Călin Ștefănescu, Co-Founder and CEO, Happy Recruiter
Carmen Ciulacu, General Manager, Digital Stack

Bogdan Popescu, journalist, producer of radio shows (moderator)

The event will be broadcasted live on

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