Applied Machine Learning

Applied Machine Learning

Inteligență Artificială
30 h

Embark on a comprehensive journey into programming and data science with our course designed for aspiring data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. Covering Python fundamentals, data manipulation, visualization, and advanced machine learning techniques, this course equips you with the tools to thrive in the dynamic field of data science. From understanding data structures to mastering deep learning with TensorFlow and Keras, each module offers hands-on experience and real-world case studies. Join us to unlock the limitless possibilities of data-driven innovation.

Lista de subiecte

Fundamentals of programming

  • Python for Data Science Introduction
  • Data structure, functions
  • Numpy, matplotlib, pandas

Data Analysis & Data Visualization

Machine Learning: Classification & regression models

Supervised learning modelsMachine learning: real case studies

Unsupervised learning (data mining)

Deep learning-Keras & Tensorflow, OpenCV


Acest curs este pentru

All developers


  • Python fundamentals: data structures, functions, classes, modules and packages, virtual environments
  • Unix and cli: basics of shell scripting, processes, and file systems
  • Linear algebra, probability, and statistics: random variables and probability distributions, regression, hypothesis testing
  • Databases: SQL

Nice to have (1): data wrangling with pandas, data visualization, jupyter notebook, web servers and building APIs, experience with VMs or Docker

Nice to have (2): any other math subjects: optimization, numerical methods, differential equations, signal processing, AI, quantitative finance, econometrics

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Inteligență Artificială





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