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Up and Running with React

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Short Description

This course will enable attendees to become comfortable with developing web applications using React.js and related libraries. The provided training will take the audience through an ES6/ES7 workshop, React project structure and build tools, basic concepts and required knowledge in order to build and maintain React applications.

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Tech Leads






20 hours

About the Trainer


Codrin is a Senior Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in web development, Javascript, high performance cloud systems, having worked on 2 AWS Case Study Projects. Solutions Architect at Levi9 Romania, currently working with React, Docker Swarm, Elasticsearch building a global platform disrupting a pretty traditional industry. As a lead javascript engineer Codrin built one of the most used Javascript Map libraries in the world, used by quite a few Fortune 500 companies. Technical lead of an AWS Case Study project, experienced with delivering high performance cloud based solutions, good working knowledge of react, angular, nodejs, C#, Python, Azure, AWS and GCE. Proven ability to lead and collaborate with distributed teams with a proactive and forward thinking in approaching tasks and challenges. Conference Speaker and Trainer.

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